Manuel Snr – Product Designer


Safe Connect

A passionate UX/UI Designer, driven by an innate interest in the design. I strongly believe in the positive impact that digital solutions bring to our lives, and my goal as a designer is to implement creative ideas that can help users to have a better experience.

As a designer, I come up with innovative solutions and Human-Centered Design approach, combining my technical and creative skills with an analytical mind and empathic personality. I focus the design on a deep understanding of the user’s needs to achieve functional and engaging products that provide memorable experiences.

About SafeConnect

Safe Connect is a platform where strangers connect to share similar life experiences and advices during lockdown. I took on this project as i have seen first hand how being isolated during lockdown, with no one to talk to and limited help due to closures of offices and workspaces can affect an individual’s mental health. The content and layout of this design will be simple to use, and will need be be tailored to suit the user needs.

My Role

I worked with the product design team through the full cycle of the design from:

  • Ideation
  • Competitive Analysis
  • User Research
  • User Persona
  • User Flow
  • Low and Mid-fidelity Wireframes
  • Visual Design and Prototype
  • Usability Testing
  • Iteration and Evaluation

Problem Statement

As the covid-19 pandemic has hit the world for the past year and lockdown activated, many people feel isolated and have been going through phases of loneliness, depression and anxiety. It has become difficult to meet up with friends or loved ones, and this has taken its toll on the physical and mental health of many people. The safe connect mobile application hopes to bridge this gap and connect people who are going through similar situations. The safe connect application will not only be useful during lockdown, but it will also be a safe place where people are still able to connect, and speak to each other even after the lockdown restrictions have been lifted.


The process followed an iterative user centred approach with the focus on the users. Throughout the process, the user needs was at the center of every decision made.

Competitive Analysis

At the initial stage of the project, competitive analysis was done to find out how SafeConnect compares with its competitors. The identified competitors included Headspace and Calm

The comparison of these mental wellness products were based on how the content offered and how they aim to achieve their purpose.

I found that SafeConnect stands out as its target audience are people of all ages that are going through similar day to day problems that users can share with each other.

“A problem shared is a problem half solved”.

Another main solution that SafeConnect offers, different from other products is the options of having a direct contact with a qualified therapist. Once an appointment is booked, the user have options to either have a live video chat, phone call, direct messaging in real time or face to face meeting.

The aspects SafeConnect cannot compete on at present are features such as audio or podcast services and positive quotes. However, it is something potentially that could be added in the future with further user research and feedback.

What SafeConnect

SafeConnect offers a design solely focused on helping people of all ages in times of need. Especially when users would like to speak to others who feel the same or an expert. SafeConnect offers an easy to use, user friendly design that would capture the minds of users and continually solve the needs of the user.

What Users want

The response from the survey conducted show that the users do no want a product that will add to their stress level, they would prefer a product that will be simple to use, clearly termed, and aesthetically pleasing and solve all their needs.

User Research

The aim of carrying out user research is to understand the behaviour of the users, their needs and what motivates them. surveys were used as a research method to find out how effectively safe connect could solve the user problems. The survey was sent to 25 individuals to find out how they currently cope with situations, when they feel anxious, lonely and isolated.

Based on the responses from the survey 60% indicated that they usually will turn to friends when they feel this way. However, sometimes bothering friends with problems can be troublesome and the alternative is to get lost with alcohol or drugs, 35% indicated they would rather keep to themselves until they find someone who feels the same way as them before they can open up and talk. Out of all the surveys, 5% did not respond.

From the above research, the solution SafeConnect is providing is to bring people of like minds and people in similar situation together on one platform to help each other through difficult times without the need to feel strange while expressing themselves.

User Stories

The users highlighted how they would like to interact with the product and what they would like to achieve. Below are what the users would like to be able to do.

·  As a user, I would like to be able to create an account and manage my personal account.

·  As a user, I would like to be able to see general post from others

·  As a user, I would like to be able to comment on others public post

·  As a user, I would like to be able to select a therapist and book an appointment

·  As a user, I would like to be able to have a choice of how i can speak to the therapist

User Persona

The survey conducted produced several personas all of which has similar traits. This helped to create a refined persona that would cover all aspects of the user personas that were created.

The combined personas were leveraged to create Heather’s version

This persona was used as a guide through ideation and the entire design process.


The initial idea was sketched as a low fidelity wireframe. This is to enable iteration through many design options quickly. The creative ideas that came from this session were further developed in the next steps which was to present content in mid fidelity wireframe.


The next step was creating mid fidelity wireframes to test out the ideas that were generated in the previous stage. Wireframes are useful to get the initial ideas of the design started. It is also useful as a test of what works and can guide the changes needed as the design progresses. The mid-fidelity wireframes rules out emotional attachment I was able to make changes as the design progresses. For this wireframe figma was the design tool used and it helps with the imagination of the actual design.

User flow helps with mapping out the steps users will take to reach their goals in the most simplified way.

Key Feature

User flow helps with mapping out the steps users will take to reach their goals in the most simplified way.

The Design



Create Account


Account Settings


Finally! What I have learnt from this Project

From the user research, i learnt that users want to feel comfortable about who they speak to about what they are going through, i also learn that users needs to be able to trust the platform at which they are doing this, hence each user who register is given a confirmation code. This code will be attached to each user and they can use it at all times and also will allow traceability if needed. As a designer, i will always continue to have users in mind and at the forefront of my designs so as to allow me to shape the designs around what they users want and need and what they are comfortable with so that the users will be happy to stay with the product and not drop off after using it for a little while.