Manuel Snr – Product Designer



Bringing the Best of Afro-continental Dishes and Groceries to Africans in the Diaspora.

UI/UX Design

Project Management

Design System

Mobile Design

Website Design


AmatNow brings the best of afro-continental flavours and vibes, including foodstuff, ready-made meals, beauty products, and other daily essentials, to the doorstep of individuals in Istanbul, Turkey.


Product Validation, Product Thinking, UX Research,  Design System, Visual Design, Interaction, Business Strategy, Front-end Development, Backend Development, and UX Copywriting.


October 2021 – February 2022 (MVP)

February 2022 –  July 2022


Odoemelam Emmanuel: Product Designer + Project Manager

Adebisi Tobi: UX Designer

Ejike Brendan: Mobile App Developer

Anifowose Tobi: Backend Developer

Glory Praise: Web Developer


Design: Figma, Miro, MS word, and Adobe After effects.

Project Management: Jira, Slack, and Google meet.

Development: Flutter, PHP, HTML & CSS, and JS.


Wore 3 hats to build this product


Product Thinking

Collaborated closely with the founder and executives through weekly meetings and follow-ups to define the app and project requirements. Together we defined priorities and set out the product goals.


Visual Interface, User Experience & Design System

Conducted user research, synthesised qualitative data to identify feature specifications for the mobile applications, delivered concept sketches, wireframes, High fidelity mockups and interactive prototype. Also responsible for creating a design system for the AmatNow design foundations


Project Management

Established and maintained solid client relationships. Analysed clients’ needs and expectations to establish strategic recommendations. Counselled in content structure and technical solutions. 

Managed a 5-member cross-functional (product, engineering, sales, support) team and coordinated with six business partners toward the successful launch of the customer facing e-commerce and in-house rider mobile application.

Facilitated sprint sessions, conducted workload assessments and devised new operational processes that led to a 30% increase in productivity.


Identifying the problem

Traveling to a foreign land can be stressful in terms of finding a community and adjusting to a new lifestyle. 

For most African immigrants, the challenge can be even more formidable when trying to find their favorite everyday products. AmatNow aimed to become the bridge between homes.


We sent out an online survey with 30 responses, and interviewed 15 individuals; characterized as young adults in college/ university or working professionals who recently relocated to another country, with majority of participants residing in Istanbul, Turkey. The questions focused on learning and understanding their Shopping habits, their journey searching for African dishes, and their overall shopping experience.


Identifying the commonalities

The themes discovered from the user interviews revealed a common experience of people’s perception and purpose of online shopping, expectations, and satisfaction level.


Online shopping is a time saver

Young adults in college/ university or working professionals have limited time to combine work / school and meal choice thinking and ultimately meal preparation.


Difficulty accessing African meals

80% of the participants don’t have to access African meals from their homes. They would have to go to physical outlets and wait in a queue before being attended to. Most times, the thought of this process daunts the zeal to satisfy their craving.


Delivery time and process is either unknown or inaccurate

Most experiences highlighted that the delivery process and duration is either unknown or vague, making it difficult to incorporate fresh meal ordering into daily schedule and planning.


From an Immigrant's POV

Collaboratively, we gathered insights and themes from our user research to create this user persona, Blessing, to identify our target audience’s user needs. We explored how this could drive the success of our product and design.


Designing the product

We mapped out our solutions by going through each step and asked ourselves How Might We (HMW’s) to find design opportunities, followed by gathering inspiration. We enjoyed this part because it allowed for creative thinking and bringing in ideas on what people like. Our design sprint, facilitated by me, undeniably helped our decision in delivering the success of the product feature.

Collaboratively, we identified which features were deemed higher in priority. It was important for everyone to agree on the definite core features while also considering the technical and time limitations during that time.


We started with low-fidelity sketches after determining our user task flow and continued iterating collaboratively


Work flow challenges


Technical Limitations

We were challenged with the technical limitation of incorporating our proposed feature ideas (Product variants, Real-time communication with store owners, etc.) as well as meeting the MVP deadlines. This led us to think about the product more intuitively to determine the right core feature(s) we wanted to successfully attain for the MVP.


Highlighted Experience Guard Rails & Proposed Solutions

  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, the need for contactless deliveries increased. This meant orders would be placed and delivered to your doorstep without physical contact with delivery agents or merchants.  How do we handle a pay-on-delivery payment selection?

–To cater to this hurdle, the pay-on-delivery payment method was disabled when “contactless delivery” was selected.

  • How do we give users more flexibility and choices in payment methods?

When users place orders, the payment method “Pay-on-delivery” is further divided into two (2) : 

1-Pay with cash and 

2-Pay with POS , this way the user can pay securely through AmatNow POS terminal.

  • The client did not want the riders to have too much cash at hand. 

–When the total amount of an order exceeds a certain set amount, the pay-on-delivery(with cash) payment method is disabled and made unavailable. This way, the customer can still pay on delivery, but only with card.


Simplifying the product features for a seamless digital shopping experience


Creating a simple and efficient customer-facing mobile application

A cutting-edge mobile application designed to revolutionize your food experience! With our modern customer-facing interface, you can now enjoy a seamless and effortless dining experience right at your fingertips. Whether you’re looking to browse menus, place orders, or track deliveries in real-time, AmatNow App is the perfect solution for foodies on the go. Say goodbye to long wait times and hello to a new era of convenience and satisfaction. Download App


Delivering the In-house rider application

Maximizing revenue! 

AmatRider cutting-edge technology ensures seamless communication between the restaurant, the rider, and the customer, providing real-time updates and efficient order management. Get ready to elevate your food delivery experience to the next level with our in-house rider delivery application.

Download App


Creating product awareness and online presence through a responsive website

With the ever-increasing importance of establishing a strong online presence, we developed a responsive website that has enabled AmatNow to gain significant product awareness. AmatNow’s website is designed to adapt to any device, ensuring a seamless user experience for our visitors, regardless of whether they are accessing our site from a desktop, tablet, or mobile device. By utilizing this innovative approach, AmatNow has been able to expand its reach and connect with customers in new and exciting ways.


Seller's Admin Portal and Client Management Admin Portal

The sellers are crucial to success. We created an intuitive, modern, multi-currency seller platform, where sellers can list their products, manage orders, request deliveries, and withdraw revenue in real-time.

Become a seller

To close the process, we created an admin portal for the client where they could manage sellers, stores, Users, and other admins. The most exciting module was a module which allows the administrator to set delivery rates per distance to customer. It was challenging, hence exciting! 




Mobile Application

Download Application

A bespoke mobile application that creates a digital avenue for individuals to order fresh meals and groceries from the convenience of their homes. Users can order from multiple stores, have many options for secured payments and get real-time updates on the progress and status of their individual orders.


Search > Find > Buy

In 3 simple steps, users can move from “I’m starving” to “ouuuh, this is sumptious!”  Search > Find > Buy. From the comfort of your home, discover a vast array of products and services through seamless searching, effortlessly finding exactly what you’re looking for, and finally, making it yours with just a few clicks. With this simple yet powerful formula, you can embark on a shopping journey like never before, where convenience meets satisfaction. Download App


Intuitive Store Profile

Introducing the future of online shopping – an Intuitive Store Profile that will change the way you browse and buy. Say goodbye to clunky, hard-to-navigate store pages and hello to an effortless shopping experience. With an intuitive interface that adapts to your preferences, you’ll have everything you need at your fingertips. Get ready to discover new products, save your favorites, and make purchases with ease. Shopping has never been this enjoyable!


Secured Checkout

Our state-of-the-art technology ensures that your personal and financial information is kept safe and secure throughout the checkout process. Shop with confidence and enjoy the convenience of hassle-free transactions, knowing that your privacy is our top priority.


Based on user research, the payment methods ere tailored to fit the profile of our target audience. We ensured we didn’t go “out of the norm” for our audience.


Send Package

Need to send a package urgently? Look no further! With our lightning-fast delivery service, you can quickly and securely send packages from one place to another with ease. Whether it’s a last-minute gift for a loved one, important documents for work, or anything in between, we’ve got you covered. Say goodbye to long wait times and endless paperwork – AmatNow hassle-free service ensures your package gets to its destination in no time.

To cut costs on the Pickup code sent to the sender’s Inbox, we added the pickup code right in the app.


Official Website


Designed the official company’s website increasing usability of the mobile responsive version, which led to an increase in mobile application downloads by 30%.

Proud to say that I handled the UX writing of the website. Are you not convinced to download the App and give it a spin? Yes? I thought so too 😊


Rider Application

Mobile Application

Download Application

The rider in-house mobile application was the most interesting section for me. on paper it looks straightforward; receive request > accept > deliver. But progressing, with an open mind, I got to find out that, it wayyy more than that.

- How do you let the rider know it's a contactless delivery?
- How do you use design to assist in direction navigation while on the road?
- What happens when a rider encounters a problem on the way.
- Apple store background location constrains, how do we overcome this?

Overall, I'm glad we could come up with scalable solutions for the riders.


Your Time is Yours

Riders can go “active” at their own time. When requests are available, riders are clearly shown the time it would take for them to get to the pickup point from their current location (green chip), and the type of request (blue and yellow chip for order and package respectively).

Potential Requests

Constantly searching for competitive advantage and ultimately improving the experience of customers, during one of my brainstorming and iteration session, the idea came up: instead of riders just waiting for a request to become active, why don’t we show the potential requests (requests that have been confirmed by the stores and is under preparation), so that, a rider can move closer to the pickup location before the request becomes active. 

This would drastically reduce the time it takes for an order to get to the customer by cutting off the time taken for a rider to get to the pickup location. 


Assistive Technology

As an accessibility evangelist, and also considering the major dispatch transportation system (Bikes) in Turkey, riders are equipped with the option of listening to the direction instead of occasionally viewing the map.


Comprehensive Insight

Riders are provided with a detailed insight on their current plan, target progression, and feedback from customers.


Keeping Customers Updated in Real-time

Push Notifications

Push notifications get the direct attention of users. When properly designed and sent at the right time to the right target group, they are a invaluable tool.
When not done right, it can lead to mass uninstalls and directly hamper the overall experience of the brand/product.
To keep customers updated on the progress of their order/package sent, I employed the appropriate usage of push notifications, and timely delivery of these notifications.
Message tone was a key consideration for me. I ensured that, I implied a direct tone when I wanted to give a status update, and a more jovial tone using emojis when I wanted to give a success update. 🥳 


Creating and documenting a design system

Design System

We focused on creating a design system for the purpose of helping all team members in bringing AmatNow to life.

Our design system focused on strengthening and improving communication for all team members to build consistency in the product’s visuals. With better communication led to efficient project workflow, saving our team some time in ensuring we’re able to execute the product design to its fullest.




Tab Bar Components

The design system wasn't fully completed but it was enough to get the team started and organised on the design components. I'm thrilled to have taken a large role in this and thankful for the communication and teamwork experiences I gained from it.


The design system offered an importance of building consistency in AmatNow and it also provided our team with the following skills:


Collaboration Skills

A team effort, where each member is working together (designers and developers) to articulate and document the use of components so that when it comes to developing them, we understand the use of the component. Involving everyone from the beginning reduced project drawbacks, and also helped with designing and building the components needed for the MVP.


System Thinking

A closer look into the component. Touching on UI aspects like color, typography and styles, and weight. This allowed us to correctly translate the style guides to the right CSS properties when it came to developing the component for it.


Design and Code

From design to development, this allowed us to also speak in the developers’ language. Knowing the typography styles and being strict with its code implementation.


Executing the MVP amidst the chaos of a global pandemic


Asynchronous work setting

The pandemic undoubtedly altered the way people and companies work, collaborate, and communicate together. As a remotely spread team, we held multiple activities such as daily Slack stand-ups, which eventually switched to video call stand-ups (we found to enjoy seeing each other, even if it was for a short time, to chat, laugh, and tackle quick questions); and we held end of sprint retros to recap on “what went well, what didn’t, and what did we long for“. We also added more recurring scheduled meetings. In all, there were forms of communication we learned to handle synchronously and asynchronously.


Consistency in design and a design system

We knew the importance of a design system knowing the value it would offer for the overall brand consistency across the platform. It helped to build consitency in development as well. The goal to tackle the design system early on is to further iterate and to better implement components when adding new features, especially for when the product scales bigger.


Design to developer handoff

Friction is easily spotted between designers and developers since both perform different tasks and can view the same challenge very differently. Communicating and reducing any knowledge gaps will lead to better results. My experience with this is learning to hold conversations early on to decrease the chances of the unexpected. Other things include: providing all design files and necessary documentation in GitHub issues and holding meetings with the right people to sync up.