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Hey, Nice to meet ya 😃

A startup savvy product designer balancing business goals, user needs with winning business results across web, iOS and android platforms.

My name is Emmanuel Odoemelam .  My friends call me Manuel 🙂

I’m a self taught product designer, passionate about solving complex problems using data-driven processes that translate business objectives into solutions, keeping user empathy at the centre.

Currently translating business ideas into delightful solutions at Toptal

My journey into product design is a bit unconventional. I studied Petroleum Engineering but picked up graphic design as a skill in my 300 level. Curiosity fueled my transition into product design. I self-learned to a point where I was good enough to lead creative efforts for startups like AmatNow.

I lean towards growth design, thriving at the intersection between products and business, combining excellent user experience with winning business results.

Over the years, I have been involved in improving the experiences and usability of digital products for companies in the E-commerce, Real Estate, Fintech, HealthTech, B2C, and  SaaS niches like Vittasinternational Adronhomes,   TaraCares, and Yami

Working closely with the engineering, research, and marketing teams, I have provided value to businesses and delight to users with my knowledge of data-driven, business-inclined, and goal-centered design.

I’m forever grateful to the mentors and creatives who have helped me get where I am today. I would not be here without their love, faith, and guidance. And I’ll do my best to pay it forward to the next generation of creatives.

I share my visual designs and process on Dribbble and Behance, I also mentored  designers for enterprise readiness at  Web3Ladies, DesignersDAO & ADP List

Working closely with stakeholders, fellow designers, engineering team and project managers for product localisation and usability testing, I found myself fascinated with brainstorming, fine-tuning numerous user flow, and it gives me great joy mentoring budding designers for enterprise readiness.

I’m a core Manchester United fan ❤️ 🖤, when I’m not working or reading; I’m either playing video games or enjoying the beautiful game of soccer.

I try to keep my  LinkedIn updated as much as i can, so do check it out for my professional career journey. 😉

Odoemelam Emmanuel

@ManuelSnr on all social media platforms.

My Process​

With at least 6 hours of sleep time per day and few cups of coffee ☕️

I carefully craft my designs based on the core UX skills i have acquired over-time. Alongside finding the balance between continuous learning and improvement.

User Research

Data is everything.
From carrying out targeted surveys, User interviews, and competitive analysis, a persona is created aimed at understanding user needs early enough. This helps me as a designer to always keep the users at the center of my design process.


"If only I could walk a day in your shoes"
Feeling the pain of a user helps in drafting out solutions that would resolve the pain points and still remain relevant to product users. From using that pressing iron that's too heavy for people, to using that platform a user uses on daily basis. All aimed at immersing myself in the user's day-to-day activities to better "feel" the pain.


Putting back on the designer's hat, but this time filled with user centered data and a desire to solve the identified problem, i use Miro for brainstorming and mapping out user journey guided by the How Might We (HMW) principle. Pen and Paper for sketching possible solutions, and Figma for fleshing out Mid and High Fidelity mockups and interactive prototypes. I arrive at a solution which not only solves the user needs but also achieves set business goals.

User Testing

A handful of potential users are given a rapid prototype of the solution to test freely governed by Heuristics. Paying attention to their actions and non verbal cues, feedbacks are gathered and acted upon when needed. A popular quote pivotal to my user testing sessions - "If i have to explain my design solution to a user, i need to go back to the drawing board"

Recent Experiences

Product Designer • August 2022 – Present

Regal Flowers

UI/UX Designer (Contract) • June 2022 – August 2022


Lead Product Designer • November 2021 – July 2022


Product Designer • November 2020 – November 2021

Happy Love Studio

Creative Designer • May 2019 – November 2020


Product Design

Card Sorting

User Experience Design

Heuristic Analysis

Story Boarding


Site Mapping

User Testing


Design Sprints

Rapid Prototyping

Empathy Mapping

Design Systems

User Interface Design

User Research





Product Masterclass- How to build digital products  –  Product School

Visual element of User interface design  –  Coursera

Human Computer Interaction  –  HCI

UX Fundamentals  –  Coursera

Petroleum Engineering   –  Federal University of Technology, Owerri

Tool Kit